Architectural Drafting: Engineering Option

Applied Science & Technology Division
Upon successful completion of the Architectural Drafting: Engineering Option Certificate the student demonstrates entry-level skills into architectural, engineering and construciton related fields. Positions may include computer-aided drafters, code enforcement officers, building and planning department checkers, sales representatives, construction schedulkers and estimators, as well as entry into other related architectural and engineering trades where plan reading and preparation is required. In addition, the student will have completed courses leading to admission into university level programs in architecture, environmental planning and design, and other related degrees.

Total Units Required 37
Recommended Sequence:
First Semester Units
ARCH 1 Basic Architectural Drafting 3
ARCH 8 Materials of Construction 3
ARCH 12 Computer-Aided Drafting 3
MATH 82 Intermediate Algebra 4

Second Semester
ARCH 2 Architectural Practice: Working Drawings 4.5
CONST 78 Uniform Building Code 2
E TECH 41 Civil Drafting: Site Design and Improvement 4
E TECH 46 Mechanical and Electrical Systems 3

Third Semester
ARCH 5 Architectural Detailing 4.5
E TECH 22 Three Dimensional Modeling 3
E TECH 31 Fundamentals of Civil Drafting 3