Administrative Assistant

Business Division
Upon successful completion of the Administrative Assistant Certificate, the student demonstrates the skills, knowledge, and training for employment available in private industry, non-profit organizations, and government offices for the following positions: Executive Assistant, Administrative Assistant, Office Professional, Executive Secretary; demonstrates his or her ability to plan and organize meetings, maintain schedules and calendars, make travel arrangements, and communicate effectively orally; manage document input, output, storage, and retrieval; prepare, write, and process a variety of business documents; prepare business presentations; and use critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Total Units Required 34.5 - 36.5
Recommended Sequence:
First Semester Units
BUS 17A Beginning Business Communication 3
BIM 2 Intermediate Keyboarding 3.5
BIM 42 Records Management and Filing 3

Second Semester
BUS 1A Principles of Accounting 5
BUS 10A Bookkeeping 3
BUS 17B Advanced Business Communication 3
BUS 35/C S 35 Multimedia Presentations 3
BIM 7A Beginning Word Processing: Concepts and Applications 3

Third Semester
BUS 15 Computer Spreadsheets for Accounting 2
BIM 7B Intermediate Word Processing 3
BIM 38 Office Technologies 3
ELECTIVES See Group I Below 5

Group I (Electives)
(minimum of 5 units from the following)

BUS 14/C S 14 Microcomputers and Small Business Systems 3
BUS 30 Supervision and Human Relations 3

BIM 23M Beginning Desktop Publishing, Using PageMaker 2
BIM 23P Beginning Desktop Publishing, Using PageMaker 2

BIM 31 Electronic Calculation 3
BIM 32A,B,C Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Office Calculation 3

BIM 82 WordPerfect for Windows 2.5
C S 43A Database Design using Microsoft Access 3
C S 45 Microsoft Windows 1
GUID 33 Job Seeking Skills 1

COM ST 1A Fundamentals of Speech 3
BUS 6/COM ST 6 Business and Professional Speaking 3
COM ST 3 Interpersonal Communications 3
COM ST 7 Intercultural Communication 3