Peace Officer Academy

San Joaquin Delta College Basic Peace Officer Academy is certified by the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) to present a 846-hour basic course to law enforcement officers and pre-service students who qualify for admission to the program. Students earn twenty (20) units for successful completion of this two-semester course. The course is designed to train individuals who patrol, such as deputy sheriffs and city police.

This unique 20+hour per week program is presented in an extended format. Classes meet Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings with some Fridays and Sundays scheduled. The Academy is in session during January through October.

The Academy is demanding, physically academically and mentally. Discipline is required to establish conduct and attitudes expected of law enforcement officers by the public they serve.

Any person who is eligible to apply for employment as a California peace officer is eligible to apply for entrance into the program at San Joaquin Delta College.

Upon successful completion of the program, students receive a certificate of completion from Delta College and certification by the California Department of Justice's Commission on Peace Officers Standards and Training.

Admission Requirements

Information concerning applications for the Basic Peace Officer Academy may be obtained from the Public Safety Program office located in Holt Center, room 140, or by calling 954-5370.

Requirements for entrance are rigorous. The student applicant is required to pass a law enforcement entry level written examination, a reading and writing comprehension examination, a medical examination from a physician at the applicant's expense, and submit a set of fingerprints to the California Department of Justice for certification to attend the Basic Peace Officer Academy (13511.5 Penal Code).

Requirements for continuation in the Basic Peace Officer Academy are outlined according to San Joaquin Delta College Board Procedure 5081. Those requirements are located in the Applied Science & Technology office Holt 140.

Application Procedure
1. Applicants must be admitted to San Joaquin Delta College. An Application for Admission to the College must be on file by the program application deadline. (Contact the Public Safety Program Office, Holt Center, room 140, for an admissions application.)
2. Applicants must be high school graduates, or possess any of the following: General Education Development (G.E.D.) certification, California High School Proficiency (C.H.S.P.) certificate, or an associate or higher degree. Official transcripts from high school or any applicable college/university, or G.E.D. or C.H.S.P. certification must be submitted with the application to the program. A minimum grade-point average of 2.5 is required for applicable high school coursework. Official documents must be in sealed envelopes. Foreign transcripts are not acceptable.
3. All applicants must satisfy the College's assessment-placement test requirement.
4. File an application to the Peace Officer. Application forms are available at the Applied Science and Technology Division Office, Holt Center, room 140.
5. Complete a multiple choice and essay examination that is scored by POST, that will access English, Reading Comprehension and Written Skills.
6. Participation in an orientation session to be scheduled for successful candidates after acceptance into the Academy.
7. Submit to a physical examination by a licensed physician (paid by the candidate) and a signed release to fully participate in all aspects of Academy training and testing.
8. Complete a felony disclaimer.
9. Show proof of medical insurance.
10. Provide a current driving record from the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Selection Procedure

If the number of applicants who earned passing scores on the POST multiple choice and essay examination exceeds the maximum class size of sixty five (65) all applicants will be included in a lottery drawing and ranked by random selection. The first 65 students, according to ranking order, who accept the offer to participate, will be admitted to the program.

Upon acceptance to the Peace Officer Academy Program fingerprints must be submitted by the Academy to the California Department of Justice.

For Additional Information

Applications to the program and information regarding these requirements are available from the Applied Science and Technology Division's Public Safety Program, Holt Center, room 140. Mail inquiries may be sent to:

Public Safety Program
Applied Science and Technology Division


Holt Center, room 140

5151 Pacific Avenue

Stockton, CA 95207

FAX (209) 954-5600

Telephone: (209) 954-5370