Word Processing/desktop Publishing

Business Division
Upon successful completion of the WordProcessing / Desktop Publishing Certificate program, the student demonstrates skills and knowledge for entry level careers in information technology specifically in the areas of word processing. Word processing involves the organization, production and distribution of information utilizing automated equipment for recording, text editing/retrievel and printing capabilities. A word processor at a large firm may be full-time, while at a small firm, such as a legal office, medical firms, etc., the duties would be part-time and would be part of a full-time job such as secretary, receptionist or office assistant.

Total Units Required 32.5
Recommended Sequence:
First Semester Units
BIM 2 Intermediate Keyboarding 3.5
BIM 7A Beginning Word Processing: Concepts and Applications 3
BUS 17A Beginning Business Communication 3
C S 18 Microcomputers and Small Business: Apple Macintosh 3

BIM 23M Beginning Desktop Publishing, Using PageMaker 2
BIM 23P Beginning Desktop Publishing, Using PageMaker 2

ELECTIVES See Group I Below 2

Second Semester
BUS 17B Advanced Business Communication 3
BIM 7B Advcanced Word Processing: Concepts and Applications 3
BIM 8 Desktop Publishing Using Word Processing Software 3
BUS/C S 35 Multimedia Presentations 3
ELECTIVES See Group I Below 4

Group I (Electives)
(minimum of 6 units from the following)

BIM 82 WordPerfect for Windows 2.5

BUS/C S 14 Microcomputers & Small Business Systems 3
C S 20 Microsoft Word, Excel, & Access 3

BUS 8 Introduction to the American Legal Systems 3
BUS 15 Computer Spreadsheets for Accounting 2
BUS 30 Supervision and Human Relations 3
C S 45 Microsoft Windows 1
GUID 33 Job Seeking Skills 1
COM ST 1A Fundamentals of Speech 3
ENG 72 Technical Writing 3