Retail Management

Business Division
Upon successful completion of the Retail Management Certificate program, the student demonstrates skills, knowledge, and training for positions such as, first-line supervisors and managers in retail businesses. The student demonstrates his or her knowledge in the fundamentals of how to plan and direct the work of the organization, set policy, establish channels of communication, and evaluate the work that is done (in stores that specialize in selling a specific line of merchandise). The student demonstrates his or her ability to foster positive relationships, increase job satisfaction and ensure that customer or client needs are met; define company goals; apply relevant federal and state laws and union contracts; recognize and evaluate industry trends; plan advertising campaigns and sales promotions; hire and train personnel; control inventories; draft budgets; and recommend, establish, or implement store procedures and policies.

Total Units Required 32
Recommended Sequence:
First Semester Units
BUS 1A Principles of Accounting 5

BUS/CS 14 Microcomputers and Small Business Systems 3
C S 20 Microsoft Word, Excel, and Access 3

BUS 82 A,B Business Mathematics 3,3
BUS 30 Supervision and Human Relations 3

Second Semester
BUS 17A Beginning Business Communication 3
BUS 17B Advanced Business Communication 3

BUS 31 Introduction to Management 3
BUS 6/COM ST 6 Business and Professional Speaking 3
BUS 24 Retail Management 3

Third Semester
BUS 36 Human Resources Management 3