Network Software Technician

Business Division
The Network Software Technician Certificate is designed to prepare students for careers in information technology specifically in the areas of computer network software. Participants learn how to design and implement network software using MicrosoftÆ Windows 2000 and/or similar operating systems. Non-proprietary information about computer networks and data communications is provided. Course options for these general education courses parallel the current Associate in Arts degree. Students will acquire the technical skills and theoretical concepts while demonstrating critical thinking skills using a variety of methods of evaluation.

Total Units Required 27-28.5
Recommended Sequence:
First Semester Units
CS 11 Fundamentals of Computer Science 3

CS 14B Microcomputer Evaluation and Installation 3
ELECT 14C Troubleshooting Computers 3

CS 45 Microsoft Windows 1
CS 56 Networking Essentials 3
CS 70 Introduction to the Internet 1
BIM 1A* Beginning Keyboarding 1.5

Second Semester
CS 42 UNIX 3
CS 58A Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional 3
CS 58B Microsoft Windows 2000 Server 3
CS 54 Fundamentals of Data Communications 3

Third Semester
CS 58C Microsoft Windows 2003 Network Infrastructure 2
CS 58D Microsoft Windows 2003 Directory Services Infrastructure 2

* or a typing certificate of 40 words per minute or better