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Campus Police Services

Police Cottage

(209) 954-5000

San Joaquin Delta College provides law enforcement services through the Campus Police Department twenty four-hours a day, seven days a week. Campus Police enforce federal, state, and local laws, including criminal laws and vehicle code violations as well as handling the investigation of all criminal and traffic cases that occur on the campus. To facilitate the reporting of crimes or calling for assistance, a series of direct-dial telephones are located on every floor in every center, along the pathways and at the entrances to the parking lots. These phones have been placed in blue boxes for easy identification. This system provides direct and immediate contact with personnel of the Campus Police Department.

For Campus Police Assistance

Blue Emergency Phone


Dial 5000 On Campus


Dial (209) 954-5000 from Off Campus

San Joaquin Delta Community College Police Officers are vested with full law enforcement powers and responsibilities, identical to the local police or sheriff. Campus Police Officers are certified by and meet the selection of training requirements set forth by the Commission on Peace Officers Standards and Training for

the State of California Penal Code Section 13510(a).

Crime Prevention & Crime Reporting

One of the essential ingredients of any successful crime prevention program is an informed public. It is the intent of San Joaquin Delta College to inform students and staff, in a timely manner, of any criminal activity or security problems which may pose a reasonable threat to their physical safety. Such information will normally be distributed to students, faculty and staff through several campus publications. The Impact and the Mustang Bulletin are two student publications. Staff are informed through The Staff Notes newsletter, in-house memos or bulletins and electornic mail.

Another critical element of a campus safety program is education. Campus Police, the Student Activities Office, and the Counseling Department sponsor programs on various topics.

Finally, all effective crime prevention programs include some measure of people watching out for one another. All staff and students are asked to be security conscious and involved.

Lost and Found

Several hundred items of found property are turned in each year, most of which are never claimed by the rightful owners. One reason is that the property cannot be traced back to the owner. The other reason is that persons who lose property do not always check with the Campus Police to learn if their property has been found. Property that is marked with a name, phone number, or driver's license can be returned to the owner if found and turned in to Campus Police. Owners of property with no identification should check with the Campus Police in case it has been found.


Vehicle owners who are locked out of their vehicles may request assistance from Campus Police to gain entry into the locked vehicle.

Victims of Crime

Students who become the victim of a crime or witness a crime being committed should contact the Campus Police as soon as possible. Time is essential when a crime has been committed. The quicker the police department is notified, the quicker the response. Persons who believe that a crime may be occurring, or are suspicious that something is wrong, should contact the Campus Police. The police would rather respond to an innocent situation than not be notified when an actual crime has been committed. Always be on the safe side and call.

Fire Alarms

If a fire alarm sounds in any classroom or building on campus, exit the structure using the nearest stairwell and exit doors. DO NOT USE ELEVATORS. Persons between buildings should immediately walk to an open area, such as one of the parking lots. When exiting any location, always be alert for emergency vehicles which may be responding to the area.

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