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Clever Planetarium

& Earth Science Center

The George H. Clever Planetarium at San Joaquin Delta College provides a comprehensive series of space science and earth science education programs to school children from Stockton, Manteca, Lodi, Tracy, Rio Vista, Sacramento, Modesto and the Mother Lode, including Sonora. The planetarium regularly hosts school field trips from as far away as Fresno in the south to Chico in the north.

The Clever Planetarium features a Spitz 512 prime sky instrument nicknamed Herman, which projects the stars on a 33 foot aluminum dome. This instrument can show the sky of any date-past, present or future-from any location on Earth. All the motions of the planet Earth can be simulated and accelerated so that days, years, centuries or a millennia can be made to pass before the viewers' eyes in a matter of minutes.


Dinosaur Fossils


Genesis Mural

A cut-away view of the Earth's crust


Hemispheric Films

Seasons, The Space Shuttle, Arctic Light, Flower Planet, Genesis, Great Barrier Reef, The Eruption of Mt. St. Helens, Rainbow War


Star Programs

Space Bus, Planets, Comets & the Night Sky, Worlds of Wonders, Seasonal Stars & Lasers
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information and scheduled show times.

San Joaquin Delta Box Office

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11:00 AM - 6:00 PM, Monday - Friday

Delta Center for the Arts

San Joaquin Delta College

Stockton's Delta Center for the Arts at San Joaquin Delta College is a focal point for the arts in the northern San Joaquin Valley. The center houses:

·Warren Atherton Auditorium

·Tillie Lewis Theatre

·Studio Theatre

·L.H. Horton Gallery

·Holt Recital Hall

·Radio / Television Media Center

·Delta Box Office

·Scene Shop

·Costume Shop

·Dressing Rooms

·Makeup Areas

Warren Atherton Auditorium is a 1,456-seat theatre with a 60-foot proscenium and full grid system. Tillie Lewis Theatre is a 400-seat venue with a 40-foot proscenium. Both Atherton and Lewis theatres are equipped with a hydraulic orchestra pit. The Studio theatre seats 130 and is a common black-box theatre. The theatres are equipped with sound and state-of-the-art lighting systems.

The L.H. Horton Gallery re-opened in 1999. The 2000 square-foot gallery schedules shows throughout the year and has hosted artists from around the world.

With over 60,000 guests annually, the Delta Center of the Arts is a hub of activity for the campus and community. It has played host to numerous internationally acclaimed artists, and celebrities. Students at San Joaquin Delta College perform regularly on its stages in recitals, concerts and plays. Ensembles from the Department of Music and Dance produce a variety of events including jazz concerts, band concerts, choral concerts and dance recitals. The Department of Drama produces a series of plays aimed at appealing to a variety of audiences including musical theatre, serious drama and theatre for children.

In addition to supporting the college's academic programs, Delta Center for the Arts is home to the Stockton Business Leadership Summit. Each year, the Business Leadership Summit brings together leaders from around the world to discuss issues relevant to todays social and political issues. Guests have included Margaret Thatcher of Great Britain, Shimon Perez of Israel, and American leaders including Secretary of State Colin Powell, and General Norman Schwartzkopf just to name a few. The Stockton Symphony calls the center home as well. Throughout the year, they perform a series of concerts in Atherton Auditorium.

The future looks bright for the Arts at San Joaquin Delta College. Plans are underway to expand courses and facilities in the areas of graphic arts and radio / television. A newly renovated Radio / Television Media Center opened in Fall 2001.

Further information regarding events and the Delta Center for the Arts can be obtained by calling the Delta Box Office at (209) 954-5110 or the L.H. Gallery at (209) 954-5507.

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