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Prerequisites, Corequisites, Limitations on Enrollment

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Prerequisites, Corequisites, Limitations on Enrollment

For Definitions, please see Definition of Terms, page 30-32.

Declaration Equilvalency

Any student who does not meet a class pre or corequisite, but who believes that he/she has completed the equivalent of the course at another institution or through some other means, may seek entry into a class by filing a Petition for Declaration of Equivalence. The student will be allowed to enroll in the class pending the disposition of the petition. These petitions are available in Holt 101.

Challenging Pre/corequisite

A student may challenge a pre/corequisite by obtaining a petition from the Office of Admissions, Holt 101. The completed petition, along with supporting documentation, should be submitted to Holt 101 and will be reviewed by the Matriculation Appeals Committee. This Committee's decision will be final.

Grounds for Challenge

Of specific pre/corequisites:

Of limitations on enrollment:

The student seeks to enroll and has not been allowed to enroll due to a limitation on enrollment established for a course that involves intercollegiate competition or public performance, or others limited to a cohort of students. The student shall be allowed to enroll if otherwise he or she would be delayed by a semester or more in attaining the degree or certificate specified in his or her Student Educational Plan (SEP).

Of health and safety pre/corequisites:

The student seeks to enroll in a course which has a pre/corequisite established to protect health and safety, and the student demonstrates that he or she does not pose a threat to himself, herself or others.

Appeals Process
Petitions and Documentation

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