San Joaquin Delta College

California Articulation Number System Qualified Courses Report

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California Articulation Number System Qualified Courses Report

May 1, 2002
San Joaquin Delta College

CAN ID San Joaquin Delta College Course

CAN AG 2 AG BUS 15: Computers in Agriculture

CAN AG 4 AGEGR 33: Equipment Maintenance and Operation

CAN AG 6 AHSC 10: Principles of Animal Science

CAN AG 8 PLANT 10: Principles of Plant Science

CAN AG 14 PLANT 14: Soil Science

CAN AJ 2 AJ 21: Criminal Justice in Society

CAN AJ 4 AJ 22: Concepts of Criminal Law

CAN AJ 6 AJ 24: Legal Aspects of Evidence

CAN AJ 8 AJ 25: Criminal Investigation

CAN ANTH 2 ANTHR 2: Physical Anthropology

CAN ANTH 4 ANTHR 1: Cultural Anthropology

CAN ANTH 6 ANTHR 10: Introduction to Archeology

CAN ART 2 ART 1A: Art History

CAN ART 4 ART 1B: Art History

CAN ART 6 ART 44A+44B; or ART 64A: Introductory Ceramics

CAN ART 8 ART 33A: Beginning Drawing

CAN ART 10 ART 7A: Beginning Painting

CAN ART 12 ART 20A; or ART 46A+46B: Introduction to Sculpture

CAN ART 14 ART 6: Color and Design

CAN ART 18 PHOTO 1A: Introduction to Photography

CAN ART 20 ART 40A: Beginning Printmaking

CAN ART 24 ART 33C: Figure Drawing

CAN ART SEQ A ART 1A+1B: Art History

CAN BIOL 2 BIOL 1: Core Biology

CAN BIOL 4 BIOL 2: General Zoology

CAN BIOL 6 BIOL 3: General Botany

CAN BIOL 10 BIOL 31: Human Anatomy

CAN BIOL 12 BIOL 32: Human Physiology

CAN BIOL SEQ A BIOL 1 2+3: Core Biology +

General Zoology + General Botany

CAN BIOL SEQ B BIOL 31+32: Human Anatomy +

Human Physiology

CAN BUS 2 BUS 3: Financial Accounting

CAN BUS 4 BUS 4: Managerial Accounting

CAN BUS 12 BUS 19: Legal Environment of Business

CAN BUS SEQ A BUS 3+4: Financial Accounting +



CAN CHEM 2 CHEM 1A: General Chemistry

CAN CHEM 4 CHEM 1B: General Chemistry

CAN CHEM 6 CHEM 3A: Introduction to Chemistry

CAN CHEM 8 CHEM 3B: Introduction to General


CAN CHEM SEQ A CHEM 1A+1B: General Chemistry +

General Chemistry

CAN CHEM SEQ B CHEM 3A+3B: Introduction to Chemistry + Introduction to General Chemistry

CAN CHIN 2 CHIN 1: Elementary Chinese

CAN CHIN 4 CHIN 2: Elementary Chinese

CAN CHIN 8 CHIN 3: Intermediate Chinese

CAN CSCI 2 C S 11: Computer Science Fundamentals

CAN CSCI 4 C S 27: Engineering FORTRAN

CAN CSCI 10 C S 25: Assembly Language Programming


CAN CSCI 12 C S 29A: Pascal Programming

CAN CSCI 16 C S 31A: C Programming

CAN CSCI 18 CS 31B: C++ Programming

CAN DRAM 8 DRAMA 31A: Beginning Principles and

Practices of Acting

CAN DRAM 18 DRAMA 10: Theatre Appreciation

CAN ECON 2 ECON 1A: Principles of Economics: Macro

CAN ECON 4 ECON 1B: Principles of Economics: Micro

CAN ENGL 2 ENG 1A: Written Communications

CAN ENGL 4 ENG 1B: Written Communications

CAN ENGL 6 ENG 44A: Creative Writing: Short Story

CAN ENGL 8 ENG 46A: Survey of English Literature

CAN ENGL 10 ENG 46B: Survey of English Literature

CAN ENGL 14 ENG 42A: Survey of American Literature

CAN ENGL 16 ENG 42B: Survey of American Literature

CAN ENGL SEQ A ENG 1A+1B: Written Communications

CAN ENGL SEQ B ENG 46A+46B: Survey of English


CAN ENGL SEQ C ENG 42A+42B: Survey of American


CAN ENGR 2 ENGR 2: Engineering Graphics

CAN ENGR 4 ENGR 4: Engineering Materials

CAN ENGR 6 ENGR 6: Engineering Circuit Analysis

CAN ENGR 8 ENGR 8: Statics

CAN ENGR 10 ENGR 10: Surveying

CAN FCS 2 FCS 6: Nutrition

CAN FCS 8 FCS 8: Food Preparation

CAN FCS 10 FCS 47A: Clothing Construction

CAN FCS 12 FCS 23: Marriage and the Family

CAN FCS 14 FCS 21: Child Development

CAN FREN 2 FREN 51+52; or FREN 1: Elementary


CAN FREN 4 FREN 53+54; or FREN 2: Elementary


CAN FREN 8 FREN 3: Intermediate French

CAN FREN 10 FREN 4: Intermediate French

CAN FREN SEQ A FREN 51+52+53+54; or FREN 1+2:

Elementary French

CAN FREN SEQ B FREN 3+4: Elementary French

CAN GEOG 2 GEOG 1: Physical Geography

CAN GEOG 4 GEOG 2: Cultural Geography

CAN GEOG 6 GEOG 1+1L: Physical Geography +

Physical Geography Lab

CAN GEOL 2 GEOL 1A: Physical Geology

CAN GERM 2 GERM 51+52; or GERM 1: Elementary


CAN GERM 4 GERM 53+54; or GERM 2: Elementary


CAN GERM SEQ A GERM 51+52+53+54; or GERM 1+2:

Elementary German

CAN GERM SEQ B GERM 3+4: Intermediate German

CAN GOVT 2 POLSC 1: American Government and


CAN HIST 2 HIST 4A: History of Western Civilization

CAN HIST 4 HIST 4B: History of Western Civilization

CAN HIST 8 HIST 17A: History of the United States

CAN HIST 10 HIST 17B: History of the United States

CAN HIST SEQ A HIST 4A+4B: History of Western


CAN HIST SEQ B HIST 17A+17B: History of the United States

CAN ITAL 2 ITAL 51+52 or ITAL 1: Elementary Italian

CAN ITAL 4 ITAL 53+54 or ITAL 2: Elementary Italian

CAN ITAL 8 ITAL 3: Intermediate Italian

CAN ITAL 10 ITAL 4: Intermediate Italian

CAN ITAL SEQ A ITAL 51+52+53+54 or ITAL 1+2:

Elementary Italian

CAN JAPN 4 JAPAN 2: Elementary Japanese

CAN JAPN 8 JAPAN 3: Intermediate Japanese

CAN JAPN 10 JAPAN 4: Intermediate Japanese

CAN JAPN SEQ A JAPAN 1+2: Elementary Japanese

CAN JOUR 2 JOURN 2: Newswriting

CAN JOUR 4 MCOM 1: Fundamentals of Media Arts

CAN MATH 12 MATH 20: Finite Mathematics

CAN MATH 16 MATH 36: Pre-Calculus

CAN MATH 18 MATH 1: Calculus

CAN MATH 20 MATH 2: Calculus

CAN MATH 22 MATH 3: Vector Calculus

CAN MATH 24 MATH 4: Differential Equations

CAN MATH 26 MATH 5: Linear Algebra

CAN MATH 30 MATH 13: Survey of Calculus

CAN MATH SEQ B MATH 1+2: Calculus

CAN MATH SEQ C MATH 1+2+3: Calculus + Calculus +

Vector Calculus

CAN MUS 2 MUSIC 3A: Introduction to Theory and


CAN MUS 4 MUSIC 3B: Beginning Theory and


CAN MUS 8 MUSIC 2A: Music History from Antiquity

CAN PHIL 2 PHILO 6: Introduction to Philosophy

CAN PHIL 4 PHILO 40: Ethics

CAN PHIL 6 PHILO 30: Introductory Logic

CAN PHYS 2 PHYSC 2A: General Physics

CAN PHYS 4 PHYSC 2B: General Physics

CAN PHYS 8 PHYSC 4A: Principles of Physics:


CAN PHYS 12 PHYSC 4C: Principles of Physics:

Electricity and Magnetism

CAN PHYS 14 PHYSC 4B: Principles of Physics: Waves,

Sound, and Thermodynamics

CAN PHYS SEQ A PHYSC 2A+2B: General Physics

CAN PSY 2 PSYCH 1: Introduction to Psychology

CAN PSY 8 PSYCH 4: Introduction to Experimental


CAN SOC 2 SOCIO 1A: Introduction to Sociology

CAN SOC 4 SOCIO 1B: Problems of a Changing Society

CAN SPAN 2 SPAN 51+52; or SPAN 1: Elementary


CAN SPAN 4 SPAN 53+54; or SPAN 2: Elementary


CAN SPAN 8 SPAN 3: Intermediate Spanish

CAN SPAN 10 SPAN 4: Intermediate Spanish

CAN SPAN SEQ A SPAN 51+52+53+54; or SPAN 1+2:

Elementary Spanish

CAN SPAN SEQ B SPAN 3+4: Intermediate Spanish +

Intermediate Spanish

CAN SPCH 4 COMM ST 1A: Fundamentals of Speech

CAN SPCH 6 COMM ST 5: Argumentation and Debate

CAN SPCH 8 COMM ST 3: Interpersonal Communication

CAN STAT 2 MATH 12: Introduction to Probability and


San Joaquin Delta College