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AS Degree - Major in BAKING & PASTRY

Family, Consumer & Health Sciences

Upon completion of the Baking and Pastry AS Degree program the student will have a solid foundation of baking principles. This knowledge will allow them to perform at a high level in any pastry establishment. They will be able to produce high quality breads or chocolate candies, and everything in between.

Total Units Required 60
Recommended Sequence:
First Semester Units

CUL ART 1 Introduction to the Hospitality Industry 2

CUL ART 3 Sanitation and Safety 2

CUL ART 7 Baking 3

GE CHOICE General Education Courses 6

Second Semester

CUL ART 4 Food and Beverage Cost Technologies 2

CUL ART 5 Commercial Food Preparation 4

CUL ART 8 European Pastry Production 4

GE CHOICE* General Education Courses 6

Third Semester

CUL ART 10 Plated Desserts 4

CUL ART 12 Retail Bakery Management 3

CUL ART 25 Food Service Management 2

GE CHOICE* General Education Courses 6

Fourth Semester

GE CHOICE* General Education Courses 16

*Students must meet Associate Degree Gerneral Education requirements.

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