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Section II


Admission & Records

Holt 101
(209) 954-5151

The Admissions and Records Office coordinates the admission and registration process and maintains student records. At the Admissions and Records Office, students may use the STAR system to add or drop classes, submit petitions, pay enrollment fees and/or tuition, and request academic transcripts and enrollment verifications.

Academic Assessment Center

Goleman 122
(209) 954-5535

The purpose of academic assessment at San Joaquin Delta College is to ensure that your educational experience with us is productive and rewarding. We recognize that your time is valuable, and that's why it is important that you get involved in courses for which you are prepared. By measuring your current academic skills, the assessment evaluation will direct you to courses that will allow you to fulfill your goals and ambitions.Students who have taken the assessment test but have misplaced their scores, or students who have alternative test scores from other institutions which they would like evaluated for assessment purposes should contact the Assessment Center.


Budd 310

(209) 954-5418

AmeriCorps is a national service program designed to meet critical literacy needs in our community. Participating members volunteer one year of service as a tutor in exchange for an educational voucher that can be used to help finance higher education or pay back federal educational loans. AmeriCorps ECEL places students in Head Start or infant/toddler classrooms. AmeriCorps "Teacher TRAC" is designed for students who want to obtain a multi-subject teaching credential. Students are placed in a K-6 classroom. Contact Rita Schuckman, Program Director for more information.

Basic Skills Applied Math Lab

Shima 315

(209) 954-5598

The Basic Skills Math Lab is required for students enrolled in Applied Math DV ED 86. It also is a support lab for Vocational Math courses. To find math level I classes, please find Developmental Education (DV ED 78, DV ED 86 and DV ED 87).


Danner Hall

(209) 954-5085/6

Delta College's Bookstore carries a complete inventory of required and recommended textbooks for classes offered each term. In addition, a wide variety of reference books, general school supplies, clothing, as well as art and engineering supplies is available. The Bookstore also sells computer hardware and software at educational discounts to qualifying students and staff.

CalWORKS Program

Forum 110
(209) 954-5137 / 954-5404

The CalWORKs program is coordinated entirely by employees of SJDC. The program is designed to provide support and encouragementto TANF recipients in orderto help them reach their educational and career goals. Services include free childcare atthe SJDC Child Development Center; on and off campus paid CalWORKs Work Study positions; assistance with SJDC admissions process and applying for financial aid; assistance with planning and enrolling in classes; Job Specific Basic Skills referrals; and advocacy and need based referrals to services both on and off campus.

Career Development and Transfer Center

Danner 203
(209) 954-5675

The Career Transfer Center provides career assessment, job placement assistance, reentry services and transfer support services. The mission of the Career Transfer Center is to enhance student self knowledge and refine skills in seeking and processing information, analyzing career concerns, formulating creative solutions, choosing the most favorable career opportunities and implementing plans to accomplish goals that integrate personal and career ambitions.

The Career Development Center is a place students come to investigate, explore and obtain occupational information. The career life-planning process goes beyond helping individuals overcome immediate career uncertainty as it helps them acquire the skills necessary to manage their own career development over a lifetime.

Transfer Center services are designed to ease the transition to a four-year university by providing assistance with the transfer process such as individual appointments between students and college representatives, on-the-spot admission, transfer admission agreements, and major preparation advising.

Services are intentionally designed to incorporate all phases of the career decision making process, providing student assistance from the college admissions process, through retention to the job seeking process and/or support for students to transfer from college to the university.

Center for Academic Preparation

Holt 201
(209) 954-5297

The Center for Academic Preparation offers support to students throughout their college experience and serves those who wish to improve their comprehension of college-level material. Reading 98 lab classes are designed for students who score Level 1 on the Assessment/Placement Test. Also available in the Center for Academic Preparation are mini-courses in specific reading skills and courses in reading and writing techniques, advanced learning skills, and study skills for success in college.

Child Development Center

Front of Delta College
(209) 954-5700

Delta College students and staff are eligible to enroll their children and grandchildren in the Child Development Center.

Children ages 3 months through 12 years are cared for in a loving, nurturing, developmentally appropriate environment designed to meet the needs of each child. Parents are able to have their children near while they attend classes and use our observation rooms to view their child's play.

Free or low cost child care is available to qualifying parents of infants, toddlers and preschoolers. Parents interested in this State-funded program must provide verification of income, demonstrate need, and participate in the child's classroom. Pre-enrollment forms are required for all State funded programs. Families are also accepted on a full pay basis.

Parents paying their own child care fees will be eligible to have a portion of their child care fees subsidized by the Gladys Benerd Endowment. Please stop by the Child Development Center for a fee schedule.

Cooperative Work Experience Program

Holt 140
(209) 954-5269

Cooperative Work Experience Program is designed to give students college credits for on-the-job experience. The college recognizes the value of learning experiences that enhance formal college studies.Students qualifying for this program must be employed on a job directly related to their major field of study. Students may register for up to 4 units of credit each semester and must carry a minimum of three (3) other units. The student must complete a minimum of one course directly related to an occupational objective. A total of 16 units of work experience credit may be counted towards graduation, but students will be required to demonstrate new and expanded learning experiences before being permitted to repeat the courses. Grades are assigned on the basis of credit/no credit. An alternate semester program is also available.

Students must contact a cooperative work experience instructor for other requirements concerning qualification and to enroll in the program. Cooperative experience credits are granted in the following courses and programs. No credit can be applied to veteran's benefits:

Administration of Justice, AJ 92V

Agriculture Engineering, 96V

AgBus & O.H. 96V

Animal Husbandry Science, 96V

Business & Accounting, Bus 98V

Family & Consumer Studies, FCS 93V

Fire Science, Fire 91V

Health Science, HS 93V

Natural Resources, NR 94V

Work Experience, VoEd 90V

On-campus employment earns credit through programs administered by this office. A maximum of 8 units may be earned in Occupational Practices 74. Information and forms for Occupational Practices 74 may be obtained through the Work Experience Office, Holt 133. Grades are assigned on a credit/no-credit basis. Students may not enroll in more than 4 units of Occupational Practices 74 and work experience in one semester.

Disabled Student Services & Programs

Cunningham 120
(209) 954-5330 (Voice TDD)

The Disabled Student Programs and Services (DSPS) office provides specialized services to support the unique needs of individual students with verified disabilities. Arrangements may be made for reader, interpreter, notetaker assistance; mobility assistance; use of adaptive equipment; and/or community liaison; etc. Special counseling is also available.

Special Parking for Disabled Students -

Students who require handicapped parking will need to apply for disabled person plates or placards at the Department of Motor Vehicles office at 710 N. American Street, Stockton. Only vehicles with state issued "DP" plates or placards will be allowed to park in handicapped parking slots. All other vehicles will be cited. City ordinance requires a $275 fine for such violations. These vehicles are subject to the same parking fees/permit regulations as all other vehicles. Please see section on "Parking Fees" for more information.

DMV applications include a physician's certification. A service fee of $6 will be charged for placards by DMV.

Vocational Rehabilitation Services

These services are available to students with a diagnosed disability who qualify for services. The State Department of Rehabilitation maintains a liaison counselor through the DSPS office on campus and provides multiple services to qualified students. These services include vocational counseling, testing, medical diagnostic services, financial aid, job placement, assistance, etc. Interested students should contact Disabled Student Services for more information or for a referral to meet with a D.R. Counselor.

ECEL AmeriCorps Program Early Childhood Education and Literacy Program

Budd 310

This program is designed for students with an interest in early childhood education. Students enroll in early childhood education classes at Delta and through the AmeriCorps program are placed in Early Childhood sites as literacy tutors. Members gain valuable hands-on experience while providing much needed service to the Stockton community. Upon completion of the one-year commitment, students earn an education award. Students qualifying for financial aid are also paid an hourly wage.


Danner 203B

(209) 954-5097

The Employment Development Department (EDD) assists students with part-time and full-time employment opportunities while completing their academic program. A representative will register students with CalJobs, a computerized job search program, and employment and employer information.

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