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Student Right To Know Report

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Student Right To Know Report

Student Right to Know is a federal-mandate for colleges to publicly disclose graduation and transfer rates. These rates track first-time freshmen in a Fall cohort who are self-identified as being degree, certificate, or transfer-seeking. Students must be enrolled full-time in for-credit, degree-applicable courses. The cohort is, on average, a very small portion of the entire student population. Student outcomes (completion, transfer) are tracked over a three-year period. Please note these rates are by no means an all-encompassing measure of the college's success.

Fall 1998 Student Right to Know Cohort Report:

Total student enrollment Fall 1998 = 16,913

Total first-time freshman Fall 1998 = 3,753

Total students in Fall 1998 Student Right to Know Cohort* = 956

Percent of students in Fall 1998 Student Right to Know Cohort completing degree or certificate within 3 years (including students who transferred after receiving a degree or certificate = 30.8%

Percent of students in Fall 1998 Student Right to Know Cohort transferring within 3 years without completing a degree or certificate = 21.0%
Additional Pertinent Data

1998-99 Degrees Awarded = 1,114
1998-99 Certificates Awarded = 553
1998-99 Transfers to University of California = 71
1998-99 Transfers to California State University = 769

* The cohort includes only first-time freshmen who were enrolled full-time in the Fall 1998 semester and who declared an intent to complete a degree or certificate and/or an intent to transfer. The cohort does not include students who enrolled part-time or those not declaring degree, certificate, or transfer as a goal.

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