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Business Division

Upon successful completion of the Network Software A.S. Degree program, the student demonstrates the skills, knowledge, and training for employment as an information technology specialist as a computer technician, network support technician, microcomputer specialist, or sales in computer-network-related fields or for transfer to a four-year computer program. Individuals who complete this program demonstrate the skills necessary to design and implement network software using Microsoft® Windows 2000 and/or similar operating systems software. Improve networks through troubleshooting and problem solving techniques; install, administer and maintain networks; and train and support users to maximize the benefits of the use of networks. General education courses in the areas of Learning Skills, Social Science, Natural Science, the Humanities, and Contemporary Perspectives are required.

Total Units Required 61-62
Recommended Sequence:
First Semester Units

CS 11 Fundamentals of Computer Science 3

CS 17 Computer Logic 3

CS 23 HTML for Web Publishing 2.5

ELECTIVE GE Course (Learning Skills, Group A) 3

ELECTIVE GE Course (Social Science, Group A) 3

Second Semester

CS 14B Microcomputer Evaluation and Installation 3

CS 42 UNIX 3

CS 58A Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional 3

CS 54 Fundamentals of Data Communications 3


CS 56 Networking Essentials 3

ELECTIVE GE Course (Learning Skills, Group B) 3

Third Semester

CS 58B Microsoft Windows 2000 Server 3

CS 21A Beginning Javascript Programming 2

ELECTIVE GE Course (Learning Skills, Group C) 3

ELECTIVE GE Course (Social Science, Group B) 3

ELECTIVE GE Course (Natural Science) 3

Fourth Semester

Two of the following courses:

CS 21B Intermediate Web Script Programming 3

CS 26A Java Programming 3

CS 28 Visual BASIC Programming 4

CS 31A "C" Programming 3

CS 31B C++ Programming 3

ELECTIVES GE Course (Humanities) 3

ELECTIVES GE Course (Contemporary Perspective) 3


CS 70 Introduction to the Internet 1

CS 32 Operating Systems 3

CS 33 System Analysis and Design 3

CS 42 UNIX 3

CS 58C Microsoft Windows 2000 Network

Infrastructure: Implementation and

Administration 2

CS 58D Microsoft Windows 2000 Directory Services

Infrastructure: Implementation and

Administration 2

AS Degree - Major in NURSING (R.N.)

Family Consumer & Health Sciences Division

Upon successful completion of the Associate Degree in Nursing Program, the student demonstrates the skills, knowledge and training to take the National Council Licensing Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEXRN) and qualification to provide patient care in a variety of health care settings within the Registered Nurse scope of practice.

Total Units Required: 52-54

Prerequisites Courses Units

*BIOL 33 Anatomy and Physiology 6

BIOL 22 Introduction to Medical Microbiology 4

FCS 6 Nutrition 3

ENG 1A Written Communication 3

First Semester

NURS 1 Fundamentals of Nursing 4.5

NURS 2 Introductory Medical-Surgical Nursing 4.5

NURS 3 Administration of Medications 3

Second Semester

NURS 4 Beginning Medical-Surgical Nursing 5.5

NURS 5 Mental Health Nursing 4

PSYCH 1 Introduction to Psychology 3

SOCIO 1B Problems of a Changing Society 3

Third Semester

NURS 6 Nursing The Childrearing Family 4

NURS 7 Intermediate Medical-Surgical Nursing 5.5

COMM ST 1A Fundamentals of Speech 3

POLI SC1 Course from Social Science Group A 3


HIST General Education Requirements 3

(See Group I below)

Fourth Semester

NURS 8 Nursing The Childbearing Family 4

NURS 9 Advanced Medical-Surgical Nursing 5

HUM See Group II 3 - 5

*Student may elect to complete BIOL 31 (Anatomy and BIOL 32 (Physiology) for the prerequisite.

Group I (Electives)
Social Science Group A General Education Electives

HIST 17A History of The U. S. 3

HIST 17B History of The U. S. 3

HIST 27 Women in History 3

HIST 30A African-American History 3

HIST 30B African-American History 3

HIST 31 Mexican-American History 3

HIST 34 Asian-Pacific American History 3

POLSC 1 American Government and Institutions 3

Group II (Humanities Electives)
(Select a minimum of 3 units)

Only courses on this listing are accepted for ADN program

ANTHRO/HUM 4 Introduction to Linguistics 3

FOR LANG 1 Elementary 5

FOR LANG 51 Elementary


FOR LANG 52 Elementary 2.5 + 2.5

PHILO 6 Introduction to Philosophy 3

NOTE: All non-nursing courses may be taken prior to admission to the Nursing program. Refer to page 62 for program Special Admission Requirements.

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