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 Academic Computing Lab  
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Lab Brochure

Academic Computing Lab (Danner 202) Telephone Number is (209) 954-5350


Under the management of the Information Technology Department, the Academic Computing Lab is designed to meet the computer based instructional needs of the campus community.

Academic Computing Lab

The lab facility is located in Danner 202. It contains a variety of computer equipment that is available for student use. The faculty at the college has use of a workstation and optical scanner for scanning/grading student’s answer sheets.

Academic Computing Lab Access

Students currently enrolled in an active Delta College class, with assignments requiring the use of computers, are welcome to use the lab. Students must use their Student ID number to access the lab computers. NO EXECPTIONS!

The Academic Computing Lab will be open during posted times, which may vary by semester. Posted times are conveniently located by the entrance. It may be necessary to close the lab at various times for scheduled maintenance. There are times when the lab or parts of it may be reserved for a class demonstration. Any change in hours will be posted at least 24 hours in advance when possible.


The academic Computing Lab has numerous networked PC’S with internet access. All computers are networked with several laser printers. GOPRINT is used to manage print queues and page charges for all printing. There is a 10 cent charge per page for single sided, & 10 cents for the first printed side & 8 cents for each additional side for double sided prints. There is a document scanner and a copier available for course related tasks.


A variety of software is available for student use in the Lab. Every effort is made to ensure that all applications that are needed for homework assignment(s) is available on the lab computers.

Internet Access

Internet access on campus is available to all currently enrolled Delta students in most computer labs. Please be advised that SJDC does not assume responsibility for the contents of outside networks or transmissions made by users to or from a lab facility. SJDC cannot assume responsibility for the choices made by an individual to view and display images from sites judged offensive by others. However, viewing of or sending materials of an offensive nature as delineated in Board Policies and Procedures (1410 and 1411) and any relevant State and Federal Child Pornography laws will result in a request to discontinue such activities and referral to the appropriate campus agent for resolution. SJDC’s policy is to provide a non-hostile campus environment in which students and employees may interact without fear of experiencing discrimination or harassment in an educational and employment setting.

Access to the internet in the Academic Computing lab is for course-related assignments and course related research only.

If an individual seeks information and or resolution to alleged acts of discrimination or harassment please contact:

               Director of Human Resources      Dianna Gonzales               954-5059

Student Expectations

Students are expected to come in prepared to work towards completion of the class assignment(s). The student should have a clear understanding of what the assignment is and what should be accomplished, what the overall goal of the assignment is. Each student should bring or have completed notes, USB drives and any other items needed to complete their assignment with minimal assistance.

Policies of the Academic Computing Lab

It is the policy of the lab to provide computer access to all students of Delta College. In order to insure the best possible service to the campus computing community, the following procedures and rules have been established.

All students who use the Academic Computing lab understand and agree to abide by the policies stated below. Failure to comply with the following is in violation of stated policies within the Policies and Procedures Manual for San Joaquin Delta College. Pending the outcome of due process proceedings (Section 5470), students may find their access to the computer lab restricted.

There will be no unauthorized or illegal copying of software in the lab. No software, manuals, or other materials may be copied for any reason by anyone without the express written consent of the originating company. No exceptions can be made. Violators are potentially subject to a $50,000 fine and five years imprisonment under federal law (17 U.S. Code).

The Sr. Computer Support Technician may periodically examine the contents of directories or removable storage devices in order to maintain system security and ensure compliance with policies and College regulations. Any person who seriously degrades system performance, damages disks or manuals, jeopardizes system security or interferes, by any means, with the access to resources by other users, is in violation of the Student Conduct and Discipline policy found in the San Joaquin Delta College Handbook. All information gained during such an examination will be held in confidence providing no violations are observed.

Information Technology does not assume responsibility for unauthorized access, exposure, or damage to data on any of the systems. You are encouraged to backup your data files often for your own protection. This is extremely important since the lab machines contain software that will remove software and files not installed by the Sr. Computer Support Technician each time the machine is restarted.

The computers and software in the lab are to be used for course related assignments only. Lab patrons agree to respond honestly when asked about the nature of the work they are pursuing on the computer. Policies stated here regarding acceptable use and priorities must be observed.

Use of the laser printers is limited to Delta related class work. Policies to use the laser printers are strictly enforced by the Sr. Computer Support Technician and Tutors. If multiple copies of a document are needed, please use the copier. USER PROVIDED PAPER IS NOT ALLOWED. 

Visitors are not allowed in the lab. Students who do not have course work to be completed on the computers will be asked to leave. This includes individuals who are in the lab for not-class related reasons. (Non Lab Tutors must be authorized by the Tutor Center.) Appropriate college regulations regarding unauthorized personnel will be followed should this occur.

No children, food, drink, smoking, beverage containers or unauthorized animals will be allowed in the lab.

No playing of games for entertainment is permitted. Game playing is generally defined as use of the facility in such a manner as to not lead toward an end result of significant value. The Sr. Computer Support Technician has the right to determine what constitutes a game.

Keep talking to a minimum and at a low level. The lab is a classroom, therefore please respect others. There will be no profanity allowed. Failure to comply will result in the loss of lab privileges.

One student per machine.

Do not abuse the lab or equipment. If you are having a problem with the equipment or a program ask a lab assistant for help.

Please check your work area before leaving. Lab staff is not responsible for lost, stolen or misplaced items including student data disks and books.

Students using software requiring sound must use their personal headphones to listen. The lab is a classroom, therefore please respect others.

All students are expected to comply with the Tutor's request in regards to lab rules and Delta college policies and procedures. Tutors are often responsible for the security if the Computer labs, as well as the assignment of resources to individual users. It is understood that the student staff have not been responsible for the creation of the policies outlined here, but are often responsible for the enforcement of these policies. If questions or concerns about their conduct arise, please consult the Senior Computer Support Technician.


Director of Academic Lab Support

The director is primarily responsible for the curriculum related aspect of the lab. These include issues related to providing software for instruction, coordinating instructional activities within the lab and assisting with the design of training for lab assistants. Curriculum areas include all academic disciplines.

Sr. Computer Support Technician

The Sr. Computer Support Technician is responsible for overseeing the operation of the lab as directed by the Director of Academic Lab Support. The CST’s responsibilities include: maintaining equipment and software, overseeing the lab to insure proper operations, providing direction for Tutors, assisting in maintaining the smooth operation of the lab, and enforcing all policies and procedures.


Tutors are usually students at San Joaquin Delta College who have been hired to assist in the operation of the Computing Lab. The Lab Assistants are employed based on their experience in any one or more of the following: Software applications, computer languages, operating systems and hardware technology.  The lab assistants’ primary job is to assist, but not tutor, students in the lab with software, computer languages and general operations of the equipment.

Computer Support Technician and Tutors Roles and Responsibilities

The Computer Support Technician provides guidance and leadership for the Tutors. The Computer Support Technician and Tutors will provide assistance to the students on any problem related to the use of the computer equipment or software in the lab. It is recognized that lab workers cannot be experts in all software, languages and hardware with which they are not familiar, but they should demonstrate initiative in learning about software, languages, and hardware they are not familiar with. If a Tutor cannot help a student with a specific problem then s/he will try to find someone who is qualified to help. All students using the lab are asked to understand that lab personnel will try at all times to be helpful, but some specific problems may be beyond their current expertise. Tutors will try to provide assistance to all students in the lab. However, should a lab user violate any lab rule, they will lose their privileges for the day and the instructor will be notified of the problem. Instructors are responsible for taking appropriate further action with a student if a referral is received from the Information Technology Department. Information Technology reserves the right to restrict the lab privilege of those students who have been referred to an instructor for a problem which is not satisfactorily resolved or who have been removed from the lab by Campus Police.

Specific Duties of Tutors

  • Facilitating, but not tutoring, students in the use of the equipment, software, and languages.
  • Monitoring to insure legal use of software and maintaining security of all systems.
  • Maintaining the printers, replenishing paper as needed, attending to paper jams, replacing ribbons, keeping discarded paper boxes neat.
  • Reporting equipment malfunctions to the Sr. Computer Support Technician.
  • Monitoring general operations and environment of the lab, including compliance with lab policies and procedures.

Miscellaneous Information

  • Loading or running outside software on lab computers is prohibited. Assistance for individual-owned computers and software is not provided.
  • Lab telephones are available for making on campus calls. Only calls of an emergency nature from Campus Police will be forwarded to students.
  • Cellular phones use is not allowed in the lab and ringers must be silenced. For emergencies students may step into the hall to use personal cell phones. Use of portable laptop computers is accepted in stand-alone mode only. Individuals are responsible for troubleshooting their own hardware and software difficulties.
  • Connecting to any lab printer, network, or other peripherals is not permitted from any private device.
  • Except for student data disks, all Lost and Found items are turned into Campus Police within 24 hours.



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