The Arts and Communication Division consists of courses that focus on the cultural activities and artistic expressions of human beings, emphasize the relationship of language to logic, and prepare students for careers in media communications. Such courses include introductory or integrative courses in art, communication studies, dance, drama, graphic arts, journalism, mass communication, music, photography, and radio and television.

Subjects We Offer

  • Art (ART)
  • Communication Studies (COM ST)
  • Culinary Arts (CUL ART)
  • Dance (DANCE)
  • Drama (DRAMA)
  • Fashion (FASHION)
  • Graphic Arts (GRART)
  • Interior Design (ID)
  • Mass Communications (MCOM)
  • Music (MUSIC)
  • Photography (PHOTO)
  • Radio/Television (RTV)

Theater Student Will Gibbons discusses the theater program

"I love taking classes in the Arts & Communication Division. You can be at any stage or level, age, gender or race and come here and start fresh. It allows you to learn, grow and explore as an actor, no matter the level you're at. "

Will Gibbons, Theater Major