Office 365 for Delta Students

Coming Soon: New Delta Student Email and Sign-On!

Office 365We are excited to announce that on November 2, we will switch all Delta student emails to Microsoft Office 365 and implement single sign-on to allow you to access your student email and Office 365 apps all from one place!

What to Expect

We will be transitioning students to Microsoft office 365, starting on November 2, 2020. Starting on the morning of November 2, the Microsoft Office Suite will be released in batches throughout the day, you should see Office 365 Suite appear on your Okta dashboard between 8 am to midnight.


  • We are retiring email addresses and transitioning all current Delta College students to 
  • The new email account will use Microsoft Office 365, the same digital environment in which Delta faculty and staff communicate. 
  • Your new Delta Email address with be: [your current Delta login name]
    • Note: The only change will be the end of your email — changing from to 
  • Following the transition, any new emails sent to your old email address will be forwarded to your new email to access through Office 365.

Single Sign-On:

  • All Delta College students will use Okta, a single sign-on service, to log in to your student email, all Office 365 apps, and Canvas.
  • Okta allows you to sign-in one time, and have access to several tools.
  • From your Okta Dashboard, you will be able to access your email (through Outlook), all other Office 365 apps, and eventually Canvas.
  • Starting, November 9, Canvas will also be joining the Single Sign-on family! After 6:00 pm on the 9th, if you go to the Canvas login page to sign-in, you will be directed to first sign-in to Okta. 

What You Will Get

  • A modern, business-class email service making it easier to send, receive, and manage your Delta student email. 
  • Use Office 365 applications to easily check email on your mobile device, laptop, ChromeBook, and/or desktop computer
  • Access to all Office 365 Apps to use for your Delta College courses — Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Teams, Share Point, and more!
  • Use OneDrive to store your files and easily collaborate with your classmates and instructors!
Frequently Asked Questions
What will my email and password be?
  • Your new Delta Email address with be: [your current Delta login name] 
  • The only change will be the end of your email — changing from to
  • You will set your password the first time you log in
How will I access my new Delta Email?
  • If this is your first time accessing the new student email, you will need to first activate it by clicking on the activation link sent to your existing Delta Student email. Read these steps on how to activate your Delta Student Email.
  • To access your new email, go to the Okta Single Sign-On Landing Page at You will also be able to access the login link from the Delta College website! 
  • Enter your new Delta Email Address
  • You will be prompted to set a new password to login
  • Once signed in, you will be redirected to your Okta Dashboard where all the apps you have access to will be displayed.
  • Click on the Outlook app to access your email
What will happen to my old emails?
  • Any emails sent prior to Okta launch will NOT be migrated to your new Mailbox.
  • You will continue to have access to until a date is set to retire the server that contain your old emails.
  • We recommend saving copies of any emails you need access to by forwarding them to your new email or by saving them in your new Office 365 account
What happens if someone uses my old email address?
  • Any new emails sent to your old email address after the switchover will be forwarded to your email address.
How do I get help?
My adobe license for multimedia classes is set to my old email address. Will this be changed?

If you have received an adobe license for any Delta multimedia classes, it will be forwarded to your new Delta email. Usernames will not be affected.