For Club Advisors

Club Advisor(s) Information

Advisors play a critical role in the effectiveness of a club. The primary role of the Advisor is to serve as a resource for the organization. Advisors counsel and advise student organizations by asking the "tough" questions, assisting students in their thinking process, and challenging the organization to go beyond the status quo.

What’s Expected from Club Advisors

  • Advisor(s) will help clubs complete and submit the following documents:
    • Complete club registration form.
    • Sign Club Account Authorization and Payment Request forms
    • Complete Room/Event Reservation Forms for room reservation
      • At least two (2) weeks in advance.
    • Complete a Student Field Trip Packet.
      • At least four to five weeks in advance
  • Advisor(s) must accompany the organization during on-campus and off-campus activities (i.e., conferences, seminars, workshops, retreats, etc.), to ensure that all reasonable steps are taken to ensure the safety and welfare of organization members. If the advisor is unable to attend he/she must identify a substitute. The substitute must be approved by the Director of Student Life.
  • Give particular attention to the financial activities of the group in order to prevent the group from incurring organizational debts and from inappropriate spending of organization funds.


Type of Requests

Event/Space Reservations: Club board members and advisor(s) must submit a Room/Event Reservation Form for permissible use of college facilities on a space-available basis. Be sure to submit your request at least four (4) weeks in advance to ensure your accommodations are arranged.

Club Room/Event Reservation Form


Work Order Request

Advisor(s) must submit work orders for events or activities organized on campus. Work orders include reserving tables, chairs, extra trash bins, microphones, laptops etc. Advisor(s) will just need their Delta College username and password to submit a work order. Be sure to submit your request at least four (4) weeks in advance to ensure your reservation will be completed. All work order requests must be submitted via FMX App.

  • General Service Worker​
  • Custodial Services​
  • HVAC

Work Order Request


IT Request

All IT work requests must be submitted via the IT Help Desk App. Be sure to submit your request at least four (4) weeks in advance to ensure your accommodations are arranged.

IT Help Desk


Keys Request

Advisors can request keys and Omni codes for reserved rooms by emailing Advisor(s) must include the reservation number in the key request. Students can pick up the key(s) at the request of the club advisor. Be sure to submit your request at least one (1) weeks in advance to ensure your accommodations are arranged.


Equipment and Change Order Request

Advisor(s) must submit an equipment and change order form to the Cashier’s Office (Horton Admin. Building), if cash handling is necessary for an event. Be sure to submit your request at least one (1) week in advance to ensure your accommodations are arranged.


Travel Request

Advisor(s) must submit travel request form to the Office of Student Life. Be sure to submit your request at least six (6) weeks in advance to ensure your accommodations are arranged.

Actual and necessary travel expenses shall be reimbursed in accordance with the following rules:

  • All reimbursement requests shall be properly itemized, accompanied by the necessary receipts.
  • No expenses other than those necessary for conducting District business shall be claimed (see AP6755).


Tips for Advisor(s)

All clubs shall operate under the supervision of a District faculty member or administrator (see BP 5430). Classified staff may serve as co-advisors with a faculty member or administrator.

It is important to establish certain expectations of the student club. These expectations should be discussed with your club at the beginning of the year. Some expectations may include:

  • Written goals and objectives
  • Advance notification of all meetings and events - semester calendar
  • Awareness and adherence to all District policies
  • Club members attendance at meetings and events
  • Financial maturity and responsibility
  • Open communication; honesty
  • Commitment to the organization
Processing Payments

During club meetings all pending payments, budget requests, cash advances, Purchase Order (PO) requests, contracts, etc. must be presented to the board for approval. 

*Prior to the meeting, the club member will need to add vendor names and payment amounts to the agenda. 

Instructions for Processing Payment Requests

Payment requests can take two to three weeks to be approved, signed and processed. Therefore, requests for payments should be presented to the board for approval, a minimum of six weeks in advance of the date needed.

  1. Present payments to the club for approval
  2. Complete the Payment Request form and attach the receipt (use a paperclip)
  3. Include the Purchase Order number in the description section, for PO payments
  4. Attach meeting minutes (with the amount approved highlighted)
  5. Submit completeda request to the Student Activities office for approval
Receipts and Minutes

Receipts and Minutes

All payment forms require original receipts or invoice from vendor, and Club Minutes to be attached. 

Account Numbers

Account Numbers

An ORACLE account is created and provided to each club advisor, after the club has had 3 approved constitution readings with the ICC. 

Club advisors will need to change the object code depending on the purchase that is being made.  

Object Codes

Object Codes

All revenue and expenses for on-campus account are coded with an “Object” code. The four digit number is included on the payment request form or petty cash request form. Below are the Object Codes most frequently used by clubs/organizations. 



8827 Membership Income
8841 Fundraising




4305 Supplies
4345 Subscriptions
4820 Food purchases (meetings, events, not fundraisers)
5015 Membership Dues
5035 Student Field Trips (retreats, conference travel, etc.)
5050 Advertising
5045 Consultant Services (trainers, specialists, etc.)
5055 Contract Services (speakers, performers, artists, etc.)
5060 Printing and  Duplicating Services (on and off campus)
5065 Postage
5255 Fundraising Costs
5310 Cell phones
5315 Telephones
5620 Equipment Rental (includes auto & bus)
5630 Facility Rental
6471 New Equipment low cost $200-$999
6472 New Equipment Non Capital $1,000-$4,999
6473 New Equipment Capital greater than $5,000
7520 Student Awards, Scholarships, Grants
7640 Student ID Cards
Authorized Signers

Authorized Signers

The Treasurer should be the designated signer on all Payment Request Forms. However, officers who signed the Club Account Authorization Form when registering are allowed to sign payment requests. 

On Payment Request Forms authorized signers to provide their signature on the line marked CLUB OFFICER.

Receiving Payments and Paperwork

All Payment Request and Petty Cash Forms must have the following before being turned into The Office of Student Activities: 

*Contracts must have the above items along with W-9 forms and Liability Insurance documentation. 

All documentation and paperwork can be emailed to the Office of Student Activities at Once all documentation is submitted to the Office of Student Activates it will be reviewed and signed by the Director of Student Activities and the Dean of Enrollment Services.

**Please allow 4-6 weeks for the processing of payments. 

Petty Cash Request

The Petty Cash form can be used for reimbursements and cash advances for amounts less than $100.00. Only the advisor can receive a petty cash advance. 

Petty cash is distributed by the Cashiers office. 

Petty Cash Form

Instructions to process Petty Cash requests

  1. Complete the Form by entering the vendor, item(s) purchased and total cost
    • Under VENDOR enter the business where the items were purchased (e.g., Target, Costco, Round Table, etc.) DO NOT enter the name of the person requesting the reimbursement. Only one vendor (business) may be listed per form, therefore, a different petty cash form will have to be completed for each vendor (business). Receipt amounts CANNOT total more than $100.00 per vendor.
    • Enter a description for the items purchased and the total amount of the receipt.
  2. Enter the Account Name and Account Number
  3. On the two lines below the table an approved can sign the form.
  4. Attach the receipt(s) and minutes to the request
  5. Submit the requests to the Student Activities office for the Director of Student Activities to approve.