Exhibit Procedures

Exhibits in the Library

Exhibits are a part of the San Joaquin Delta College Library’s Public Services. Exhibits are designed to inform, educate, and support college events, programs, activities, and Library services.

The Library upholds the American Library Association’s recommendation for Intellectual Freedom Principles for Academic Libraries, which states that “Freedom of information and of creative expression should be reflected in library exhibits and all relevant policy documents.” Materials that are judged by the Senior Library Technician or Public Services Librarian to be defamatory, false, obscene, blasphemous, inciting racial hatred, or discriminatory will not be approved. Additionally, exhibits cannot be used for commercial or political purposes, or for the promotion of business.

Proposals for displays to be featured in the Library’s two display cases located on the 1st floor are welcomed. Priority will be given to library-sponsored displays. No one group is guaranteed regular use of the display case.

Please submit all paperwork up to 4 weeks in advance. Have a clear idea for the exhibit, and include a list of items to be displayed.

Coordinate a time for installation and de-installation of the exhibit during the regular library hours of operation. Coordination should be arranged with the Senior Library Technician in charge of displays. Storage of items will not be provided.

Library staff members can provide publicity using the Library’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Digital Signage located on the second floor. Digital signage for the display can be created by a library staff member if desired. Coordinate with the Senior Library Technician or the Public Services Librarian.

Exhibit Request forms may be found on the library’s website and turned in to the Circulation desk on the 2nd floor.  You can also submit the digital form by emailing Kate Mitrovich at kate.mitrovich@deltacollege.edu.