Applied Science, Business, and Technology


From mechanical repair to architecture and engineering, our Applied Science, Business and Technology courses offer many pathways to enter or advance your career in the industrial tech sector. Our state-of-the-art science and laboratory facilities will prepare you for real-life problem-solving in the field.

Applied Science, Business, and Technology


Arts and Communication


Gain a comprehensive education in art, media and communication to propel yourself toward a four-year degree. From radio and TV to journalism and mass communications, gaining anunderstanding of the media landscape is vital to a well-rounded education in the arts. We also offer courses in graphic arts and interior design, music, photography, music, culinary arts for personal development, career advancement and more.

Arts and Communication


Health Sciences


Join the ranks of in-demand healthcare professionals and work towards your degree and state licensure. Become a Certified Nursing Assistant, Psychiatric Technician, Radiologic Technologist, and more through our hands-on health sciences programs designed to place you on track to a viable healthcare career after graduation.

Health Sciences


Humanities, Social Science, Education, Kinesiology and Athletics


Our multidisciplinary approach to humanities places emphasis on a robust liberal arts education. Our courses in psychology, sociology, economics, and kinesiology will prepare you for the professional world – as well as improve your skills in critical reading, writing, logic, and reasoning. Our commitment to community, ethics and philosophy will put you on a path to higher education and a greater understanding of humanity.

Humanities, Social Science, Education, Kinesiology, and Athletics


Languages, Library, and Learning Resources


We are committed to providing a wide variety of literacy education for every level of learner in our culturally diverse community. From our comprehensive ESL program geared towards students who speak English as a second language, to our degree programs in various modern world languages, we prepare students to meet the vocational and literacy challenges of today and tomorrow through our rigorous tutoring programs, low faculty-to-student ratio, and excellent library and learning resources.

Languages, Library, and Learning Resources


Science and Mathematics


Prepare yourself for a specialized career in science or math at Delta. Earn your degree in a variety of life and physical sciences and gain the education necessary to join the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) field. We also participate in the Math, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA) program, connecting first-generation low-income students to the support they need to transfer to a four-year university.

Science and Mathematics


Counseling and Guidance Courses


Gain the knowledge, self-awareness, and personal insight necessary for a fruitful college career! Our non-degree Guidance courses will help you explore different career options, build professional confidence, and prepare you for a smooth transition into the occupation of your choosing. Visit our Counseling Center for one-on-one sessions with a Delta counselor.

Guidance Courses