Foundation Goals

New Goals for 2018-2020

  • Review the by-laws of the Delta College Foundation—Academic Scholarship Foundation and its current membership and donors.  Decide whether the Foundation Board wishes to attempt to fulfill the terms of the by-laws or disband the Council.  Decide what to do with the funds, the remaining member, and how to inform the current donors of the changes.
  • Create and hire a classified/management position to coordinate Foundation-sponsored fundraising events, arrange for Foundation-funded student field trips to potential employers or universities, oversee the development of the Delta College Alumni Association, and serve as staff to the Foundation Board and the Superintendent/President when in the role of Secretary to the Foundation Board.
  • Establish a Delta College Alumni Association under the auspices of the Delta College Foundation Board.  Develop a program to recognize Outstanding Delta College alumni and retired faculty and staff.
  • Support at least two fundraising/awareness-raising events on behalf of San Joaquin Delta College each year.
  • Provide funding to join the Network of California Community College Foundations, the Council for Advancement and Support of Education, and the Association of Fundraising Professionals.  Attend the Community Foundation of San Joaquin’s annual event.
  • Review and dispose of dormant trust and foundation accounts.
  • Inform donors to Financial Aid and Veterans’ Services Scholarships of their options to fund the Scholarships through the Delta College Foundation.

Activities for 2018-2020 (carried over)

  • Create and Approve Guidelines for Foundation Accounts.
  • Establish an annual fund-raising event that uses Delta facilities and student talent to showcase programs.
  • Consider increasing the size of the Foundation Board by including individuals from outlying areas in the District, e.g., Tracy, Mountain House, Manteca, Lathrop, Lodi, Galt, Escalon, San Andreas, Rio Vista.