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Spring 2015 Online Classes offered on Etudes

(é-tudes, pronounced 'a-tudes,' is a French word that means 'study')


Go to the Etudes Gateway site to log into your class beginning on the start date. Make a Bookmark or add the site to your "Favorites" so you can easily return. Log into Etudes with your Delta Student ID Number and Etudes password.  Do Not Use Dashes in your Delta ID Number.

There are a variety of start dates each semester. If you are uncertain of when your class starts, check the Schedule of Classes.

Be sure to read about supported browsers on the System Requirements page.

If you have problems logging in to your Etudes class, please visit our Etudes Help Desk. 


NOTE: Email messages to students from the college, and from your instructor, are sent to your Delta College student email address. To check your student email, please click the "Student Email" link on the top of this page.