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Intensive Academy

6 Month POST Program

We are pleased to announce the addition of a full time intensive day time P.O.S.T. certified Basic Peace Officer Academy. Our first offering with this new format will begin on September 20, 2014 with a one week orientation followed immediately by the academy on September 28, 2014.  The class will graduate on March 25, 2015. Classes will be held Saturday through Wednesday 7:00am to 4:00pm. The intensive format will be offered twice yearly.

Independent students who meet the (Minimum Entrance Requirements) to qualify for participation in the P.O.S.T. Academy Program must complete and pass the multiple choice (POST Entry-Level Law Enforcement Test Battery examination) scored by POST with a total T-Score of 42.0 higher.


Step 1: 

Meet the minimum qualifications and pass the entry level examination. Testing is offered through the Public Safety Training Center as needed. For the next test refer to the:

Seating for the test is limited. In order to reserve a spot to take the test, you must fill out the bottom portion of the form provided in the link below, cut along the dotted line, and drop it off or mail it to the address indicated on the form. Keep the top portion as it contains information as to where the test will be held and about what to bring to the test. Be sure to read it carefully and make sure you have everything you will need to take the test. Arrive 20 minutes early so the check-in process can be completed before 9 a.m. and the test can be started on time. Once the test begins, no one will be admitted. If you miss the test, you will need to watch the website for the posting of the application for the next test and submit it for the new test.

If you have taken the POST Entry-Level Law Enforcement Test Battery Examination at another facility in the last year, mail or email a copy of your T-Score notification to the POST Academy office.  Information for registering for the AJ 094 Peace Officer Academy Orientation will be emailed to you when available.


Step 2:

Independent applicants who pass the P.O.S.T. Entry-Level Law Enforcement Test Battery with a total T-Score of 42.0 or better, as well as sponsored cadets must apply to San Joaquin Delta College as a student by completing the online application for Admission to the College or be a current student in good standing with the college.

Step 3:   All applicants must register in the prerequisite course, AJ 094 Peace Officer Academy Orientation, and successfully pass AJ 094 before being accepted to attend the Basic Peace Officer Academy. Information for registering into AJ 094 is provided in the T-score results letter to independent applicants who successfully pass the entrance examination.  AJ 094 for the intensive program will meet immediately preceding the beginning of Module III. 
Step 4: 

ALL applicants must have the following prior to the beginning of AJ 094, Academy Orientation,


INDEPENDENT STUDENTS PLEASE NOTE:  Enrollment in AJ 094, Academy Orientation does not guarantee a place in the Academy.  Please see (Selection Procedures) for further details.

The cost of an independent cadet attending the POST Academy is approximately $5,000.00.  This includes all materials and fees that are distributed throughout the program.(EXPENSE LIST)

Please contact the Student Financial Aid office at (209) 954-5115, on the Delta College website, or stop by their office in the DeRicco Building Room 131 for information regarding financial aid and student loans.

Law Enforcement agencies wishing to sponsor employees into the program should contact the Academy to reserve seats in the next available course.  209-954-5258 or Agencies will be notified of registration requirements when they reserve seats. Agencies that provide duty gear, ballistic vests and ammunition can expect to pay approximately $3,500.00 per cadet to cover all three modules of the program.

For information and assistance for Veteran’s benefits, please contact the Delta College Veterans Office. (209) 954-5151, ext 6171 or visit (Veterans Services). If you are currently receiving cash aid (TANF) from HAS, you may be eligible for assistance from the San Joaquin Delta College CalWorks program located in the DeRicco Building Room 209, or by calling (209) 954-5151 ext 6209 or 6251.


For additional information, please contact the
P.O.S.T. Academy Office
San Joaquin Delta College
Holt 134

5151 Pacific Ave.

Stockton, CA 95207
(209) 954-5258



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