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Multiple Recipients
Fill out this section only if you are requesting a Conference Parking Permit for numerous persons.

List the names (first and last) of each person, why the permit is needed and the dates that the permit(s) will be needed. Please separate each individual by hitting the return key and using a separate line for each person.

(Conference example: John Doe, IBB Training, 09/25-09/30/2005)
(Temporary, Handicapped, Vendor, Contractor permit examples: John Doe, Summer 2006)

By filling out and submitting this form, you acknowledge that you are requesting the District Police Department to grant the use of a Conference Parking Permit. Conference Parking Permits must be signed by the Chief of Police, or his designee within the District Police Department to be valid. Conference Parking Permits that display an unauthorized signature will not be considered valid. Additionally, photocopies of permits and stamped, or computer generated signatures will not be valid.

By hitting the "submit" button, you agree to any and all rules set forth in this online document as well as those established in the San Joaquin Delta Community College District Policy and Procedures manual.