Technical Services Flowchart
Fall 2002.

Technical Services Flowchart
  • Select books from standard review sources
  • Review multiple "Best Book" lists
  • Manage approval plans
  • Oversee standing orders
  • Receive and process recommendations from faculty, staff, and students
  • Identify subject area selection needs based on the Instructional Program and Reference Desk interactions
  • Check local Catalog for title
  • If title is NOT on order/owned, download title (MARC) record from LCMARC or create brief title record
  • Assemble electronic purchase order. Place order. Send order via e-mail
  • "On order" status automatically displayed in Public Online Catalog
  • Add patron requests to order record, when necessary
  • Unbox books, check titles against shipping list/invoice
  • Record receipt in system, automatically updates "On order" to "Order received"
  • Pull requested books for rush cataloging/processing
  • Shelve books by date, vendor, invoice in preparation for cataloging
  • Initiate payment of invoice to vendors
  • Rush requests first; and First in, first out
  • Check titles in catalog
  • Obtain latest/best cataloging record from OCLC
  • Post Delta's holding in OCLC
  • Download MARC record over local record
  • Edit/enhance record as necessary
  • Check/add/update local authority records
  • On rare ocassion, create original catalog record
  • Prepare books with labels, identification stamping/embossing, covers, etc.
  • Create item record in catalog
  • Place books on "New Items Inventoried" shelf for preview by reference staff
  • Place requested books on "Hold" shelf
  • Shelve items on public "New books" shelf
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