PSYCH 008 - Drug and Alcohol: Community Overview, Awareness & Prevention Stra - Units 3

Prerequisite Skills: 1. Advisory: Reading Level III.

Advisories: ENG-079 or ENG-001A each with a grade of "C" or better.

This course explores the core components of substance use disorder treatment including the history and development of treatment, treatment modalities, continuum of care, and treatment outcomes. Students apply the theory, skills and knowledge and attitudes associated with the competencies in the practice dimension and the 12 core functions of substance abuse disorder counseling. Provides the knowledge and tools required in cross-cultural counseling of chemically dependent clients. Students develop skills that incorporate cultural elements and address barriers to recovery. The student learns a variety of community-based prevention strategies and puts these strategies into practice. Issues related to public, social, and retail environments as well as the role media plays in our homes and communities are discussed. The student gains an understanding of what community initiatives are and what is required to put a variety of environmental prevention strategies to work. (CSU)