PETHEORY045 - Special Projects: Physical Education - Units 1-2

Prerequisites: PETHEORY-040 Introduction to Physical Education and Exercise Science or PETHEORY-042A Beginning Theory of Basketball or PETHEORY-042J Theory of Track and Field or PETHEORY-042K Theory of Baseball Offense or PETHEORY-042L Theory of Baseball Defense or PETHEORY-042M Beginning Theory of Offensive Football or PETHEORY-042O Beginning Theory of Defensive Football or PETHEORY-042Q Beginning Coaching of Offensive Football or PETHEORY-042T Beginning Coaching of Defensive Football or PETHEORY-042V Theory and Application of Weight Training or PETHEORY-043 Introduction to Athletic Training or PETHEORY-048 Physiology of Sport and Exercise or PETHEORY-049 Psychology of Sports or PETHEORY-050 Nutrition for Fitness and Sport or PETHEORY-051 Fitness Assessment and Exercise Prescription each with a grade of "B" or better.

Limitations on Enrollment: Presentation of a written project proposal outlining the project guidelines, tasks, calendar, etc. that is acceptable to the instructor and the division dean.

This course is open to the student qualified to do advanced work in the field. The course may include research, directed reading, field work, or other advanced study, and the course may be repeated for a maximum total of four units. (CSU)