HIST 031 - Mexican-American History - Units 3

Prerequisite Skills: 1. Reading level II.

This is designed as a lecture survey course on the historical development of the Mexican American people from their pre-Colombian roots through the Spanish-European conquest (1520-50) and colonial era (1550-1820), on through the birth of Mexico (1810-20) as an example of colonial independence movements. The transition from "Mexican" Southwest to the "American" Southwest (1848-1900) includes the role played by Mexican Americans as one of many ethnic and European minority/immigrants groups in the making of modern America from 1850-1900, through the roaring 20`s, the Depression, W.W.II, into the 1960`s to the present.

General Education: (SJDC GE: Area 4)(CSU-GE Area D)(IGETC Area 3B) American Institutions: (Satisfies CSU-AI when taken in combination with POLSC 001)(UC, CSU)