CDEV 093V - Work Experience: Child Development and Education - Units 1-8

Limitations on Enrollment: Work Experience: The student must enroll in a course in the discipline directly related to the work experience. The student must enroll in a minimum of 7 units including work experience units, during the semester. For summer session, the student must enroll in one related course in addition to work experience. The combined total number of units a student may take in work experience and occupational practice may not exceed a maximum of 16 units. Participation requires submission and approval of work experience program objectives and an employer work experience agreement.

Advisories: GUID-030 GUID-031 GUID-032 GUID-033 each with a grade of "C" or better.

This course is designed for the student employed or wanting to gain practical experience working in the early childhood education setting. The course objectives are developed by the student in consultation with his or her supervisor. The student is engaged in a specific research project or on-the-job learning activities under the supervision of the work site supervisor and college work experience instructor.