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Kuali Financial System

Fiscal Services - Budget and Accounting Information


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Contact Information by Task


Invoice/Vendor Payments  -  payment requests, disbursement vouchers:
Vendors A-L Georgina DeLosAngeles x5083
Vendors M-Z Tasha Dixon x5031
Vendor Entry for DV Christina Snedden x5719
Benefits Zach Thompson x5006
Bond Zach Thompson x5006
Bookstore Donna Montanez x5026
Capital Projects Zach Thompson x5006
Confidential Payments - Payroll related Colleen Byars x5023
Confidential Payments - Self Insurance and legal related Sam Lo x5009
Contracts Tasha Dixon x5031
Financial Aid Colleen Byars x5023
Food Service Donna Montanez x5026
Redevelopment Zach Thompson x5006
Scholarships Donna Montanez x5026
Student Activities Donna Montanez x5026
Student Refunds Sam Lo x5009
The Market at Delta Donna Montanez x5026
Travel Colleen Byars x5023
Utilities Donna Montanez x5026

Fiscal Activity  - income, expenditures, encumbrances, re-class entries, object code, account balances:
Bond Sabrina Rodriguez x5713
Capital Projects Sabrina Rodriguez x5713
Clubs Shelley Pierce x5025
Councils Shelley Pierce x5025
Deposits  - cash, credit cards & checks for all departments Sam Lo x5009
Expenditure Transfers Sam Lo x5009
Farm Natalie Matyurin x5034
Financial Aid Sam Lo x5009
Foundation Shelley Pierce
Sabrina Rodriguez
Payroll -  import, posting and transfers  Vance Shafer x5081
Postage/Shipping Colleen Byars x5023
Redevelopment Sabrina Rodriguez x5713
Scholarships Shelley Pierce x5025
Student Activities Shelley Pierce x5025
Stores Colleen Byars x5023
Trusts Shelley Pierce x5025

Account Maintenance Assigned Budget Analyst  
Bank Activity - check cleared, stop payment on a check Sam Lo x5009
Bank Reconciliations Vance Shafer x5081
Budget Reports Raquel Puentes-Griffith x5061
Cognos Reports Christina Snedden x5719
Financial Statements Raquel Puentes-Griffith x5061
Fundraising Shelley Pierce x5025
Kuali - access, errors, temp FO reassignment for vacation Christina Snedden x5719
Position Control - organizational charts Jeff Menge x5032
Projections - general fund Raquel Puentes-Griffith x5061
Self Insurance Raquel Puentes-Griffith x5061
Student Field Trips Colleen Byars x5023
Student IC Verify Transactions Zach Thompson x5006
Taxes - 1098T Raquel Puentes-Griffith x5061
Taxes - sales tax, use tax, 1099, W9 Shelley Pierce x5025
Vault Services Corbi Cardoza x5008

Budget Activity - fiscal officer, org & name changes, adjustments, sufficient funds:
Academic Lab Support Vance Shafer x5081
Academic Support Services  Natalie Matyurin x5034
Administrative Services  Jeff Menge x5032
Admissions & Records  Imelda Arroyo x5707
Agriculture, Science & Math  Natalie Matyurin x5034
Applied Science, Business & Tech  Imelda Arroyo x5707
Arts and Communication  Vance Shafer x5081
Athletics Natalie Matyurin x5034
Benefits Jeff Menge x5032
Board of Trustees Imelda Arroyo x5707
Bond Sabrina Rodriguez x5713
Bookstore/Food Services Vance Shafer x5081
CalWorks Imelda Arroyo x5707
CalWorks Assessment/Worknet Imelda Arroyo x5707
Campus Police  Natalie Matyurin x5034
Capital Projects Sabrina Rodriguez x5713
Career, Transfer and Outreach Imelda Arroyo x5707
Child Development Center Vance Shafer x5081
Classified Senate  Imelda Arroyo x5707
Community Education Imelda Arroyo x5707
Counseling and Special Services  Imelda Arroyo x5707
Custodial Natalie Matyurin x5034
District - General Raquel Puentes-Griffith x5061
Employee Services & Payroll Imelda Arroyo x5707
Environmental Health & Grounds Natalie Matyurin x5034
Evaluations Imelda Arroyo x5707
Facilities Management  Natalie Matyurin x5034
Farm Natalie Matyurin x5034
Financial Aid  Imelda Arroyo x5707
Financial Aid Processing Imelda Arroyo x5707
Fiscal/Accounting Jeff Menge x5032
Fiscal/Budget Jeff Menge x5032
Foundation Shelley Pierce
Sabrina Rodriguez
General Ed and Transfer Prgms  Natalie Matyurin x5034
Health Sciences  Natalie Matyurin x5034
Human Resources Imelda Arroyo x5707
Humanities, Soc Sci and Education Natalie Matyurin x5034
Info Tech and Data Center Services Vance Shafer x5081
Instructional Services  Imelda Arroyo x5707
Language Library & LR  Natalie Matyurin x5034
Maintenance and Energy Natalie Matyurin x5034
Management Senate  Imelda Arroyo x5707
Planning Research and Institutional Effectiveness Natalie Matyurin x5034
Public Information & Mktg  Natalie Matyurin x5034
Public Safety Natalie Matyurin x5034
Publications Center Jeff Menge x5032
Purchasing  Jeff Menge x5032
Purchasing Operations Jeff Menge x5032
Redevelopment Sabrina Rodriguez x5713
Small Business Development Center Imelda Arroyo x5707
South Campus at MH & Reg Ed  Natalie Matyurin x5034
Student Activities  Shelley Pierce x5025
Student Services  Imelda Arroyo x5707
Student Support Services Natalie Matyurin x5034
Superintendent/President  Imelda Arroyo x5707
Systems Development I Vance Shafer x5081
Systems Development II Vance Shafer x5081
The Market at Delta Shelley Pierce x5025




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