Heavy Equipment Technician

Applied Science & Technology
Upon successful completion of the Heavy Equipment Technician Certificate, the student demonstrates skills, knowledge, and training for entry-level employment for the following positions: technician for heavy equipment dealerships, technician for heavy equipment repair facilities, technician for agricultural dealerships/repair shops, and technician for industrial engine dealers. The student demonstrates skills to receive state and national certification in two areas: Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Emissions Control by the state of California Air Resource Board (ARB); and Air Conditioning Certification by Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).

Total Units Required 43
Recommended Sequence:
First Semester Units
AGEGR 30C Industrial Equipment: Electrical and Electronics Systems 5
DIESL 44 Diesel Engine Principles 3
DIESL 45 Diesel Engine Repair 4.5
INDUS 35 Mobile Hydraulics 4

Second Semester
AGEGR 30D Industrial Equipment: Power Trains 5
AGEGR 66 Compact Diesel Engines 2.5
DIESL 46 Diesel Engine Fuel and Tune-up 3
DIESL 47 Diesel Air Conditioning 2
DIESL 49 Computer Diagnosis and Troubleshooting 2
INDUS 43 Electrohydraulics 3

Third Semester
AGEGR 33 Equipment Maintenance and Operation 2
MECH 10 Basic Welding for the Trades 4
INDUS 94 Industrial Mathematics 3
(or AA degree mathematics requirement)