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San Joaquin Delta College
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Admissions, Records & Registration
Developmental/Preparatory Courses
The following is a list of classes which have been determined to be "developmental or preparatory" courses. Board Policy 5020.1 - Definition of Unconditional and Conditional Admissions prohibits the enrollment of College Early Start students in "remedial or developmental education courses."
Dept/No Course Name
Bus 82A Business Mathematics
Bus 82B Business Mathematics
DvEd 70A Vocabulary Improvement
DvEd 70B Spelling Vocabulary
DvEd 75 Fundamental Number Sense
DvEd 76 Memory/Thinking Skills
DvEd 77 Applied Mathematics Laboratory
DvEd 78A-F Applied Mathematics Laboratory
DvEd 79A-D Applied Mathematics Laboratory
DvEd 86 Applied Mathematics
DvEd 86A Applied Mathematics: Whole Number Computational Skills
DvEd 86B Applied Mathematics: Word Problems
DvEd 86C Applied Mathematics: Fractions
DvEd 86D Applied Mathematics: Decimals and Percents
DvEd 87 Survival Mathematics
DvEd 87A Survival Mathematics
DvEd 87B Survival Mathematics
DvEd 87C Survival Mathematics
DvEd 87D Survival Mathematics
DvEd 110 Assessment and Placement
Eng 70 Basic Writing Skills
Eng 70A Basic Writing Skills: Beginning
Eng 70B Basic Writing Skills: Intermediate
Eng 70C Basic Writing Skills: Advanced
Eng 71 Practical Grammar
Eng 72 Technical Writing
Eng 73A Writing Laboratory
Eng 73B Writing Laboratory: Advanced
Eng 76 Vocabulary Study Skills: ESL
Eng 77A Basic Reading Comprehension: English as a Second Language (VESL)
Eng 80 Survival English
Eng 81 Advanced Survival English
Eng 82 Basic English as a Second Language (ESL)
Eng 83 Low-Intermediate English as a Second Language (ESL)
Eng 84 Intermediate English as a Second Language (ESL)
Eng 85 Advanced English as a Second Language (ESL)
Eng 86A-K English as a Second Language (ESL) Laboratory
Eng 87 Intermediate Writing
Eng 180 English as a Second Language
Indus 94 Industrial Math
LD 70 College Awareness
LD 78A Auditory Discrimination and Word Attack Skills
LD 78B Spelling Skills
LD 78C Modality Vocabulary
LD 78D Writing Skills
LD 78E Modality and Study Skills
LD 78F Applied Compensatory Strategies
LD 78G Compensation Study Techniques
LD 78H Exploration into the World of Computers
Math 72 Review of Arithmetic
Math 88 Prealgebra
Math 88L Prealgebra Laboratory
Reading 90 Introduction to Reading and Writing Skills
Reading 90A Introduction to Reading and Language Skills
Reading 90B Introduction to Reading and Language Skills
Reading 90C Beginning Reading and Writing Skills
Reading 91A Reading in Literature
Reading 91B Reading in Health Science
Reading 91C Reading in Science
Reading 91D Reading in World Geography and Culture
Reading 91E Reading in History
Reading 91F Reading in Children's Literature
Reading 92 Reading and Writing for Personal Growth and Career Success
Reading 97A Textbook Reading and Study Strategies
Reading 97B College Research Strategies
Reading 97C The Research Paper
Reading 97D Summary Writing
Reading 97E Vocabulary Enrichment
Reading 97F Basic Grammar for Writing and Speaking
Reading 97G Spelling
Reading 97H Reading Literature
Reading 97I Conversations and Idioms for Non-Native Speakers
Reading 98 Individualized Reading Skills
SpEd 75 Assisting the Student With Disabilities
SpEd 76 Selected Topics: Special Education Assistive Technology
Additional Courses may be added through the curriculum approval process.

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